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Your (currently incomplete) guide to rooting, customizing, or recovering your Samsung Gravity SMART phone.

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The Samsung Gravity SMART is Samsung's low-midrange entry for Android smart phones. On the plus side, it has a decent form factor and a QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, the software is a bit of a mess: the internal storage is painfully small, and due to how the Android operating system is designed, it tends to fill up doing nothing more than updating the built-in applications.

The purpose of this Wiki is to help you root your phone, remove the bloatware, and use specialized software that helps maximize the internal storage and use the SD card to its full potential. And, if something goes wrong, we have a page to help you get you back up and running.

Rooting the Samsung Gravity SMART

Recovering your Samsung Gravity SMART

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The T589W can be rooted! I helped modify the existing root method and it now is successful on the T589W! Use this method @