In most UNIX and Linux based operating systems, "root" is the most common name given to the superuser--the user on the system that can do absolutely anything. Thus, when we talk about "rooting" a phone, we mean that we are gaining access to the superuser-level system access that is otherwise blocked on most Android phones. This allows a large degree of flexibility (along with more power to royally screw things up. But if that happens, we've got you covered).

Gaining superuser accessEdit

On most Android phones, there is at least one local privilege-escalation vulnerability that can be used to gain root access. Various tools have been written to exploit these vulnerabilities, and the one that works best with the Samsung Gravity SMART is SuperOneClick which you can download at To use SuperOneClick, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and install the Samsung Kies software for the Gravity Smart.
  2. From your phone's home screen, tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
  3. Enable "USB Debugging"
  4. Connect the phone to your PC. The USB debugging drivers should install automatically.
  5. Run SuperOneClick.
  6. Click the "Root" button.
  7. Answer "Yes" when prompted to install BusyBox.
  8. Answer "No" when prompted to run a test.
  9. Power down your phone and turn it back on.